Sooyoung Celebrates Girls’ Generation’s 16th Anniversary Alone with Tears

Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung has reflected on her past activities

On September 7th, Sooyoung meets Kwanghee in the video posted on the YouTube channel ‘Careet’.

Sooyoung revealed, “It was Girls’ Generation’s 16th anniversary not long ago. I celebrated it alone at home. Our schedules didn’t align. So I thought, ‘I’ll (celebrate) alone’ and turned on YouTube, and there was a Girls’ Generation music show stage compilation.”

She continued, “While watching the compilation, tears welled up in my eyes without me realizing it. I cried alone.” Sooyoung also reminisced, “As I wiped away tears while watching it, I thought, ‘Ah, this is beautiful.'”


When asked about Girls’ Generation’s representative songs according to her, Sooyoung mentioned, “There are several songs that helped me cross the musical milestones when I was growing,” and listed ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, ‘Run Devil Run’, and ‘I GOT A BOY’.

“It’s so good to watch those compilation videos”, Sooyoung confessed, “When I watched ‘Genie’ part. The girls became ladies. When they changed from girls to ladies. That turning point was so smooth and natural. Min Hee Jin was responsible for our team”.

Regarding “Run Devil Run”, she explained, “It’s not just performing as idols. It showed that we’re growing up as performers.”

Lastly, Sooyoung said, “With ‘I Got A Boy’, we could win the prize from YouTube”, adding “Tiffany went to the YouTube awards ceremony and received the prize with Lady Gaga. The agency was considering skipping it because we were too busy. Then Tiffany asked if they were crazy. She said, ‘There’s going to be the age of YouTube’, ‘I’ll get that prize in New York without sleeping’, ‘We must get this’, etc.”

Source: Daum

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