HyunA flaunts irrefutable glamor with bold see-through fashion

Singer HyunA draws attention by showing off her provocative fashion.

On May 11th, HyunA posted several photos highlighting her figure on her SNS, without making any specific comments.


In published photos, HyunA can be seen wearing a see-through top, revealing her bra and tattoos underneath. Combined with a short pleated skirt, large hoop earrings, and hime hair, HyunA exuded irrefutable glamor. 

At the same time, her perfect body, with a slim waistline and barely any fat, was perfectly highlighted. HyunA was also staring at the camera with an alluring gaze, adding to her outstanding beauty. 

On the other hand, HyunA and her ex-lover, Dawn, were recently swept up in rumors of reuniting, but they did not make any particular statement. Meanwhile, Dawn said, “What matters is not what kind of relationship I have with HyunA right now. I love the person HyunA herself. Even if we’re with different people on completely different paths later, I’ll probably still be in love with HyunA.”

Source: Nate 

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