C.A.P talks about leaving Teen Top, “I intentionally acted that way… I don’t think I did anything wrong”

C.A.P, the former leader of Teen Top, expressed his honest thoughts about leaving the team on his recent Youtube live.

On May 11th, C.A.P hosted a live broadcast on his personal Youtube channel and talked about his departure from Teen Top as well as his exclusive contract with the agency in detail.

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During the livestream, C.A.P said, “I’m not okay. I’m not feeling good at all. In fact, I said I would discuss my departure with all of you, but I feel like I’ve already made up my mind before I even spoke. I’m sorry about that. I’m not saying sorry to everyone, but to those who raised high expectations for me.”

He continued, “Actually, I knew this would happen. I originally intended to leave the group. I also knew people would react this way when I said such things”, adding “I don’t think I did anything wrong. I’m sorry for lying to fans. I thought my contract would be extended so I actress extremely.”

Expressing his affection for Teen Top members, C.A.P said “It’s true that I acted independently because I was thinking too much. So, I went to meet the members and the company (after the controversy). I apologized to them and explained my situation, and things ended well”, adding “On the day of our discussion, Changjo contacted me. I’ve never heard such words from him throughout the 15 years I’ve known him. He thanked me and said he loved me. We are so close that there were even parts we couldn’t properly say to each other. The members cared about me.”


In addition, C.A.P said, “The members are still good to each other even now and we will continue to be like that in the future. You may think I left because my relationship with the members was not good, but I discussed everything with the members. It’s just that we no longer belong to the same group, but we do not grow apart”, adding “That’s because we’re already too close to each other.”
He also confessed, “Since our debut, I have already felt that being an idol doesn’t suit me. So I tried to quit twice. However, I ended up doing this job for 14 years because of the efforts of people around me and the fact that I can’t refuse others”, adding “I also felt a sense of inferiority to my members. Even if I tried not to care about that, fans would still ignore me at fansigning events and go to the other members besides me. It was very hard for me to endure that and such experiences kept piling up.”


Earlier, when a fan tried to stop C.A.P from smoking during a live broadcast on the 8th, he said, “It’s annoying me. People who never watched my broadcasts suddenly come and say things like ‘this shouldn’t be done’ just because we, Teen Top, are making a comeback. Honestly, I don’t like that sh*t”, adding “I’m thinking of not making a comeback. My contract ends in July.”

Later, as the controversy over his inappropriate remarks intensified, TOP Media announced C.A.P’s withdrawal from Teen Top and exclusive contract termination on the 11th.

Source: Wikitree

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