WINNER Song Mino attends sister’s wedding with long hair, YG explains “He was exempted from basic military training”

It was recently confirmed that WINNER Song Mino is fulfilling his military service without undergoing basic military training. 

Contrary to previous reports that Song Mino had enlisted in the Military Training Center before performing alternative military service, he was found to have received an exemption for basic military training.

According to a report by Star News on May 29th, Song Mino did not enlist in the training center on March 24th but immediately began his alternative military service. It was revealed that Song Mino received a Level 4 supplementary serviceman evaluation in the physical examination conducted by the Military Manpower Administration so he is working as a social service worker at a welfare center.


In this regard, Song Mino’s agency YG Entertainment said to Star News, “Song Mino was classified among those who are exempted from basic military training so he did not go to the training center”, adding “The reason is his personal information so we would like to ask for your understanding”.

According to the current regulations on social service workers’ duties, individuals who receive a supplementary serviceman evaluation due to mental health issues or are unable to undergo training due to other unavoidable reasons can be exempted from military training. Song Mino appeared on Channel A’s “Oh Eun Young’s Golden Counseling Center” in March last year and confessed that he had panic disorder and bipolar disorder. Revealing that he had been receiving psychiatric treatment, Song Mino said shared, “Since the end of 2017, I have been feeling like I was going to die. I ran out of breath and collapsed. It was like I was on the verge of dying.”

Meanwhile, Song Mino, who is currently fulfilling his alternative military service, aroused keen attention when he was seen at the wedding of his younger sister Song Dana in San Francisco, the U.S., on May 28th.


YG’s representative stated, “It is true that Song Mino attended his sister Song Dana’s wedding after going through the proper procedures.” In particular, Song Mino showed up at the wedding wearing a neat beige suit and having long hair. Therefore, some people questioned why Song Mino, who reportedly enlisted in the training center two months ago, did not cut his hair short. Unlike speculations, Song Mino was able to keep his long hair because he did not have to go to the training center.

At the wedding, Song Mino held Song Dana’s hand and walked her down the aisle in place of their late father. At the reception after the wedding, Song Mino and Song Dana was seen dancing a couple dance to the lively music. In the end, he hugged his sister tightly to congratulate her, showing off their special family love.

Meanwhile, Song Mino became the third member of WINNER to enter the military service hiatus, following Kim Jin Woo and Lee Seung Hoon. After Song Dana’s wedding, Song Mino will quickly return to Korea to continue his military duty. The last member Kang Seung Yoon also plans to enlist as an active-duty soldier on June 20th.

Source: Daum

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