The origin of SM’s rich man Siwon: Not only is wealthy but also a descendant of the royalty

Looking at Siwon’s family tree, fans commented that Siwon is definitely a true living prince.

Recently, Siwon’s sister shared a story about their family’s genealogy. Remarkably, after this genealogy was spread widely, everyone was stunned before the royal background of SUPER JUNIOR Siwon.

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The genealogy of Siwon’s family makes many people stunned.

It is not coincidental that when looking at Siwon, netizens can notice the aristocratic and royalty aura from him. Because both of Siwon’s parents are the descendants of the royal. Siwon’s father was the descendant of the King Cheojong the 25th, the family of Siwon’s mother was also from the descendants of King Hyojong, the 15th king of the Joseon Dynasty. And of course, Siwon was the emperor of these two kings so he was born into a royal family.

So Siwon’s background is like this
So Siwon’s background is like this

At present, although the society has changed, Siwon’s royal background still makes fans extremely surprised:

Everyone was surprised to know that this SUPER JUNIOR member came from the royal family
Everyone was surprised to know that this SUPER JUNIOR member came from the royal family

“Why is there such a perfect person”

“Oh god, the SM idols are all high-class people.”

“He’s not only a rich man, but he is also a royal everyone!”

“Rich, handsome, talented, he is an idol just for fun only. He’s crazily rich and belongs to the royal family also!”

“By looking at his face only, you can know that his family is not ordinary. Really! A high-class appearance, especially the eyebrows. This person is not ordinary at all.”

“The rich and the royal. What a true prince from a fairy-tale.”

With a royal background, handsome, talented and rich, who won’t be jealous with a perfect Choi Siwon like this. Have you been surprised before this news of his royal background?

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