“Confidential Assignment 2” Lee Je-yeon married a non-celebrity… Happy news during the film’s box office success

Actor Lee Je-yeon got married.

According to SPOTV NEWS on Oct 6th, Lee Je-yeon married his non-celebrity bride on Oct 1st.

His wife is a non-celebrity, an ordinary office worker. Specific details were not disclosed.

lee je yeon

In consideration of the non-celebrity bride, Lee Je-yeon invited only family members, relatives, close acquaintances and held his wedding in a quiet and reverent manner.

In particular, Lee Je-yeon played the role of the cyber investigator Oh Jong-goo in the movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International” (director Lee Suk-hoon). He enjoyed the joy of multiple happy events by getting married during the box office success of “Confidential Assignment 2: International”.


Lee Je-yeon debuted in the 2015 film “Cancelled Faces” and is building a solid filmography by presenting outstanding performances through “Marionette”, “The Fiery Priest”, “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” and “Dali and Cocky Prince”.

Recently, he left a strong impression by appearing as a music teacher related to the incident in which Yu-mi (Suzy)’s lie began in Coupang Play’s “Anna”.

Source: Nate

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