Kwanghee shows off his fan love for BLACKPINK, “Pull down the sign and lock the door”

“Nego King” Kwanghee expected BLACKPINK’s concert ticket to be negotiated. 

In episode 27 of “Nego King”, which will be released on October 6, Kwanghee will reveal his fan spirit towards BLACKPINK

kwang hee

From the opening, Kwanghee expected the ticket to BLACKPINK’s concert as a negotiation item. He followed the lyrics to BLACKPINK’s new song “Shut Down”, saying, “You have to pull down the sign and lock the door. It’s a shutdown now, a shutdown,” signaling a straight-forward negotiation without backing down. 


Kwanghee’s fan sentiment continued throughout the broadcast. He even perfectly danced to the choreography of “Shut Down” and showed off the aura of an idol, which is his main job. He quickly changed the atmosphere of the show’s recording scene to a music show.

Source: daum

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