Female celebrity famous for her slender body, “ When I got out of the water, people’s eyes were on me”

Heize, who is well-known for having a slender body, revealed her gorgeous physique.

On October 6th, Heize posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption, “Oh, it was so good, I tried diving and failed, but managed to increase it from 8 seconds at the beginning to 33 seconds!”

The photos all show Heize enjoying swimming in a huge pool. 

However, as soon as Heize came out of the water, her unique voluminous figure was revealed due to the deep-cut bathing suit, easily drawing people’s eye.

heize instagram

Previously, the female singer also showed off her slender body by posting a photo of herself fitting snugly between a stair handle and the wall. 

Having witness Heize’s slender yet still curvy physique, the singer’s fan show enthusiastic reactions via comments like, “I thought you weren’t Heize”, “You are truly amazing”, “And I can’t believe you look so gorgeous.”

heize instagram

On the other hand, Heize released her second full-length album “Undo” in June and is currently active as a DJ for KBS CoolFM’s radio show “Raise Heize’s volume”.

Source: wikitree

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