Song Joong Ki will become a father in August? Agency responds to rumors of Katy’s “August childbirth”, “Cannot confirm personal issue”

Netizens are saying that Song Joong Ki’s new wife Katy Louise Saunders will give birth to their first child this August.

While the news of Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders’s marriage and their first child pregnancy is still a hot topic not only in Korea but also overseas, Twitter netizens are spreading the rumor that Katy will give birth in August.

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Regarding the rumor, Song Joong Ki’s agency released an official statement, saying “We cannot confirm this. It’s difficult for us to confirm it as it’s the artist’s personal issue.”

Song Joong Ki and his British wife Katy are currently living in Itaewon, Seoul and the two plan to go back and forth between Korea and the U.S. Their wedding will be held later. 

Earlier on January 30th, Song Joong Ki posted a long article on fancafe, saying “I promised to share my future life with Katy Louise Saunders, who has spent and cherished our precious time with me”, announcing his marriage. 

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He continued, “A precious life has also come to us. We’re on our way to register our marriage to make a new start in our life as a couple based on our deep trust and love”, revealing the news of their first child pregnancy and marriage registration.

Lastly, he thanked fans and promised, “I will try to fly higher as an individual and as an actor with a greater sense of responsibility and passion”.

After divorcing Song Hye Kyo more than 3 years ago, Song Joong Ki remarried Katy.

Source: Nate

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