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Song Ji-hyo surprised everyone, “I just sleep throughout 2 nights and 3 days…Deep sleep on the bench in front of my house”

Song Ji-hyo surprised everyone by telling a story in which she fell asleep for as long as 2 nights and 3 days in “Tteokbokki Brothers.”

MBC’s Every1 entertainment show “Tteokbokki Brothers” aired its latest episode on May 10th. Actress Song Ji-hyo, who is a fixed cast in “Running Man” along with Ji Seok-jin, appeared as a guest. She appeared to show off her friendship with Ji Seok-jin. When asked if Song Ji-hyo was forced to appear because of Ji Seok-jin, Song Ji-hyo said, “Yes,” followed by a laugh before saying, “It’s a joke, I visit to cheer him on.”

Song Jihyo

Regarding her easy-going appearance which she only washed her face in the early days, Song Ji-hyo said, “I think that was my actual personality? I didn’t feel the need to dress up myself, so I chose to sleep for my better condition rather than spending time going to the beauty salon. It’s because we were going into the water right after the opening,” she said. “I just happened to become more and more honest because I’m lazy.”

Song Jihyo

Ji Seok-jin said, “Jihyo is the best bride-to-be, but she sleeps a lot, as much as her economic ability,” to which Song Ji-hyo added, “When I’m at home, I usually sleep 12 hours. I once slept for 2 nights and 3 days without waking up, I only went to the bathroom in the middle of my sleep like a zombie.” Lee Yi-kyung responded sensibly, saying, “Half of your life is on the bed, you are going to get bedsores.” In particular, Ji Seok-jin also mentioned Song Ji-hyo‘s story of sleeping on the street, saying, “Is that where you slept on the bench in front of your house because you were drunk?”

Song Jihyo

Meanwhile, MBC’s entertainment show “Tteokbokki Brothers” is a program that collaborates spicy tteokbokki with delicious stories between the brothers and the world’s stars. It airs every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m.

Source: Daum

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