Overview of BLACKPINK’s Born Pink world tour in Bangkok

The opening concert for BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK Asia world tour was a complete success, but the group also encountered a few humorous ‘accidents’.

After a period of rest, on the evening of January 7, BLACKPINK officially returned to the world tour concert BORN PINK Asia with the first destination – Thailand. As soon as the event took place, it immediately attracted the attention of international Kpop fans.

Tens of thousands of fans filled the stadium with pink lightsticks, YG reserved an area for kids

Although the concert didn’t officially start until 19:30, right from about 13:00, there were already a lot of fans queuing up and waiting for their turn to enter the concert venue. Closer to the show time, the stands, and especially the standing area were filled with pink lightsticks. Not only that, international netizens also praised YG as they reserved an area for BLACKPINK’s young fans to ensure their safety during the concert.

blackpink conccert
Before the BORN PINK concert started, the stadium was almost full
blackpink concert
Then completely covered by pink lightsticks
blackpink concert
YG had a separate area for young BLINKs (young fans of BLACKPINK)

BLACKPINK gave a surprise birthday gift to Jisoo

During the BORN PINK concert, BLACKPINK members Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé unexpectedly prepared a birthday gift for Jisoo. Accordingly, after finishing the “Stay” performance, a giant cake appeared on the stage, which was prepared for Jisoo’s special day. BLACKPINK sang the song “Happy Birthday” with fans in English and Korean. Jisoo also said that this is her first time celebrating her birthday in a concert night so she was very happy.

BLACKPINK celebrated Jisoo’s birthday
blackpink concert
Jisoo was thrilled by this unexpected ‘birthday party’
The giant cake that BLACKPINK gave Jisoo

Funny ‘accidents’

During the performance of the song Shut Down, Jisoo accidentally hit Lisa’s face with her arm. The youngest member of BLACKPINK demonstrated professionalism by continuing to sing even though it was quite painful. Jisoo, on the other hand, was unable to hide her worry. Lisa then humorously recalled the incident and received Jisoo’s lovely apology.

blackpink concert
Jisoo accidentally hit Lisa’s face
blackpink concert
Jisoo then comforted Lisa

Also at the end of the program, after celeberating Jisoo’s birthday, Lisa discovered cake stains on Rosé’s shirt. Immediately, Lisa took a tissue to help her bestie wipe the stain. Rosé was then able to comfortably continue performing and successfully ended the concert night with BLACKPINK.

blackpink concert
Lisa discovered cake stains on Rosé’s shirt
blackpink concert
The stain then caused Rosé to get bewildered.
blackpink concert
Lisa quickly helped her best friend
blackpink conccert
And finally Rosé was completely comfortable and ended the night successfully with BLACKPINK

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