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Song Ji Hyo & Jeon So Min heats up “Running Man” with their rap battle, the winner will be?

Actresses Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So Min will transform into rappers on “Running Man”.

The new episode of SBS’s “Running Man”, which is scheduled to air on August 27th, will reveal 100% of the members’ real images on the morning of the last recording day. The members woke up early in the morning to enjoy Nogari time while drinking coffee. Suddenly, Jeon So Min said, “I get excited after drinking coffee!”, then danced enthusiastically. Following Jeon So Min, the members couldn’t control their tension so they held a dance party in the morning.

running man

As the atmosphere calmed down, they summoned the rap battle during the Nogari time on the first recording day. Jeon So Min, who was eliminated from the previous rap battle, equipped herself with a “signature sound” through a special training course by mentor Yang Se Chan. Yang Se Chan cheered on Jeon So Min, saying “So Min, do everything you can! Keep going”. It is said that Jeon So Min turned the recording site upside down by performing Haha’s rap in “DANG DIGGI BANG”.

running man

Song Ji Hyo then introduced “signature action” as soon as she showed up then created a new nickname “Blood on the Arm” for herself. While the members exclaimed, “This is the feeling I wanted!”, “She’s amazing”, etc., Song Ji Hyo boosted the atmosphere with her “Hiphop Jihyo” charm.

The winner of the rap battle between the two sisters will be revealed on the new broadcast of “Running Man” to air at 6:15 p.m. on August 27th.

Source: Daum

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