“You Quiz” Honey Lee “My daughter’s name is ‘Ari’… I gave birth after dancing to BTS’ songs for 4~5 hours”

Honey Lee revealed the story behind her giving birth on “You Quiz on the Block”.

On the Jan 18th broadcast of tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block” (hereinafter referred to as “Yoo Quiz”), actress Honey Lee, who starred in the movie “Phantom”, appeared as a guest.

Honey Lee

On this day, Honey Lee delivered her recent status after giving birth to a daughter in June last year, “The baby’s name is ‘Ari’. ‘Ari’ in ‘Arirang’. ‘Fighting’ in Korean is ‘Ariari’. It also means that you have a deep insight into yourself.

Honey Lee

Honey Lee smilingly said, “The due date was 40 weeks, but the baby didn’t come down even after 40 weeks and 4 days. She was glued to the top. I thought it’d be bad, so I made up my mind at 2 AM then played BTS’ songs and danced for 4~5 hours.

Honey Lee also confessed, “In fact, I had thoughts like ‘Do I have to do that?’ about pregnancy and childbirth. There was also a burden of hiatus. But suddenly, I wondered if there’d be something more complete than this from the time of birth till death.

Source: Nate

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