Son Ye Jin revealed her son’s feet for the first time “Thankfully, I succeeded in giving birth naturally”

Son Ye Jin revealed her son’s feet.

On Dec 24th, actress Son Ye Jin said on her Instagram, “Merry Christmas.

Son Ye Jin delivered her recent status, “As you know, a precious life to us was born. I desperately realize that many people’s sincere affection and help are needed for a life to be born, and I want to convey my heart to those I’m grateful for.

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She confessed, “I was worried about the baby who was born a little earlier than expected, but on the other hand, I was able to try natural childbirth and thankfully succeeded in natural childbirth.

She shared her thoughts on becoming a mother, “I feel like I’m finally becoming an adult after having a child. When I met a person I loved more than myself, I felt helpless yet strong enough to do anything at the same time.

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After expressing her gratitude towards fans and people around her, Son Ye Jin also left a message to her husband Hyun Bin, “Thank you for transforming into a hedgehog day by day throughout this process together.

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin married Hyun Bin in March. She was originally scheduled to give birth in December, but welcomed her son earlier than this on Nov 27th.

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Source: Daum

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