Behind-the-scenes of TWICE’s recent contract renewal as revealed by Jihyo 

TWICE recently broke the 7-year jinx and succeeded in renewing their contracts. The situation at the time of the renewal has been unveiled. 

On August 25th, published an interview with TWICE. In this interview, leader Jihyo had a surprising revelation.

The Grammys first asked how they felt while referring to the renewal of all TWICE members’ contracts, which was officially confirmed in July. In response, Jihyo said, “Until the company’s official announcement, all the members did not know whether each other’s contract was renewed.”

She went on to express love and gratitude for the fans. She explained, “The biggest reason all the members decided to renew their contracts with JYP Entertainment was the fans. So we wanted to share this news with the fans as soon as possible.”

Jihyo continued, “We are happy to be able to try a new style of music (after contract renewal). We also expect the members’ participation in the future albums to increase further.”

Jihyo added, “Being with TWICE means that we have friends and family to spend the rest of our lives together.” This sense of belonging will last forever for us.”

The term “7-year jinx” was born because entertainment companies often sign contracts with idol groups for up to 7 years. After 7 years of debut, all members may smoothly renew their contracts and continue their group activities, but in many cases, at least one member decides to leave the company. Recently, there are cases where some members stay in their current agencies, while other members sign with new agencies but are still part of the group. All members not being under the same company doesn’t mean the group has to disband. 

Meanwhile, the information that TWICE members, who are known to be very close, didn’t talk about the contract renewal process with each other, and only found out that they had all renewed their contracts after the company’s official announcement, is receiving a lot of attention online. 

Many fans and netizens believe this was because TWICE members chose to respect each other’s decisions regardless of their friendship, and that it is natural that no matter how close they are, they do not talk to each other about their renewal even though they have a business relationship to work for the same company.

Netizens left comments:

  • They renewed their contracts without burdening each other. It’s really great
  • It is right for each individual to make decisions regarding their own contracts
  • It’s cool of TWICE members to respect and consider each other’s decisions
  • This is so cool because it seems like they cared for each other without feeling pressured 
  • Even if they don’t talk about it, TWICE members have the same mind
  • It looks like a healthy relationship where they respect the business aspect and get along well
  • It’s like telepathy

TWICE will release their 11th mini album “Between 1&2” at 1 PM KST on August 26th. In this album, Jihyo participated in writing and composing, Dahyun and Chaeyoung participated in writing lyrics, signaling that TWICE’s unique color will be added.

Source: wikitree

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