“It’s just my delusion, but…” A comment predicting IU and Lee Jong Suk’s relationship is drawing attention

Netizens are amazed by a comment written on December 30th, a day before the news of IU and Lee Jong Suk’s romance broke out.

A netizen commented on Lee Jong Suk’s interview video on the Youtube channel of ELLE, saying “Who is the person Lee Jong Suk mentioned at the end of his acceptance speech?! I keep thinking of IU”.

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This netizen continued to explain, “She suits the word ‘respect’ the most. The two recently seem to be close to each other, and Lee Jong Suk also uploaded IU’s song on his Instagram Story. It’s just my delusion. I think they like each other but can’t develop a relationship due to several reasons (because they’re both celebrities?). If they confessed right away, that would feel like a drama. I’m sorry”.

lee jong suk iu dating

Surprised by this comment, netizens reacted, “Are you God?”, “I’m getting your spirit for 2023”, “I’ll go on a pilgrimage”, “I’ll set up a seat”, “Please find me a boyfriend with your feelings”, etc.

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Lee Jong Suk won Daesang (Grand Prize) at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards held on December 30th. The actor took the stage to give his acceptance speech and confessed, saying “I’ve liked that person for a very long time”, raising the public’s curiosity about the identity of ‘that person’.

Lee Jong Suk continued, “I had many worries, fears, and distress after completing military service. At that time, a person led me in a good direction. I really want to take this opportunity to convey what I want to tell that person”, adding, “Thank you for always being so cool like that. I want to say that I’ve liked them for a very long time and I respect them a lot.”

lee jong suk iu dating

Later on December 31st, Dispatch reported that IU and Lee Jong Suk are dating, saying “Lee Jong Suk had a Christmas date with IU in Japan”, adding “It’s been four months since they became lovers.”

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