“SKY Castle” couple Yoon Se Ah & Kim Byung Chul to reunite with a romance in new drama “Perfect Family”

Yoon Se Ah and Kim Byung Chul will work together again as husband and wife in the new drama “Perfect Family”.

“Perfect Family” depicts the story of Sun Hee’s family, which looks seemingly happy and perfect, facing a twist when Sun Hee’s friend Kyung Ho dies one day.

In the drama, Yoon Se Ah will take on the role of full-time housewife Ha Eun Joo. After losing her son due to an unexpected accident, she decides to adopt and raise Sun Hee. She becomes a scary person who doesn’t care about anyone else in order to protect Sun Hee. Following “SKY Castle”, Yoon Se Ah and Kim Byung Chul will once again play husband and wife in “Perfect Family”. With this reunion, the two are expected to showcase more amazing chemistry. 

Yoon Se Ah

Kim Byung Chul will play Choi Jin Hyuk, a famous lawyer at a large law firm and Sun Hee’s stepfather. He chooses to quit his job as a prosecutor and becomes a lawyer to protect his daughter. This character is dedicated to his wife and daughter. He also has a calm, rational, and careful personality. Kim Byung Chul will lead the story as his character becomes entangled in the events surrounding Sun Hee’s involvement in the death of her friend Kyung Ho.

Directed by reward-winning director Isao Yukisada, the new drama “Perfect Family” plans to show the precious values and beauty that are fading in this era through the theme of “family.” 

Kim Byung Chul

The appearance of Kim Byung Chul and Yoon Se Ah is also attracting keen attention. The two actors were previously embroiled in suspicions of a romantic relationship due to their explosive chemistry in the drama “SKY Castle”. As a result, anticipation is high for the romance they will portray in “Perfect Family.”

Yoon Se Ah has been loved by K-drama fans with her unique acting color in various works, such as “Snowdrop”, “Stranger 2”, “Melting Me Softly” and “SKY Castle”. Kim Byung Chul has also established himself as a trustworthy actor after starring in “All of Us Are Dead”, “Doctor Prisoner”, “SKY Castle”, “Mr. Sunshine”, “Goblin”, and “Doctor Cha”.

Starring Kim Byung Chul and Yoon Se Ah, “Perfect Family” will be released on a global OTT platform.

Source: Daum

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