Red Velvet’s line and screen time distribution for “Feel My Rhythm”: Maknae Yeri is once again given the least 

The line and screen time distribution for Red Velvet’s latest title track is not so surprising. 

Red Velvet recently made a comeback with the mini-album “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm” and the title track “Feel My Rhythm. The group has quickly achieved positive results in both digital performance and physical album sales. In a poetic fairytale-like concept, Red Velvet shows off their gorgeous visuals and top-tier vocals. As a tradition every comeback, fans also pay attention to the members’ line and screen time distribution in Red Velvet’s new song. 

Feel My Rhythm MV – Red Velvet

The main vocal Wendy has the most singing part in “Feel My Rhythm” with 42.2 seconds, followed by lead vocal Seulgi with 33.1 seconds. This comes as no surprise because Wendy and Seulgi have the strongest vocal skills in Red Velvet.  

3rd place belongs to Joy, while Yeri and Irene are given the least amount of lines as usual. Maknae Yeri’s part, including both singing and rapping, only lasts 18.6 seconds, while the group’s visual and leader Irene has 14.8 seconds in total. In many previous comebacks of Red Velvet, Irene and Yeri also ranked last in line distribution. Both Irene and Yeri take on the rapper position while most of Red Velvet’s title tracks are vocal-oriented, so they don’t have many lines to show off their voice. 

Feel My Rhythm line and screen time distribution
The 2 strongest vocalists Wendy and Seulgi top the ranking of line distribution, while Yeri and Irene share the last 2 places

However, Irene rises to the top when it comes to solo screen time in the MV for “Feel My Rhythm”. Irene’s solo scene is 25.9 seconds long, not much different from Seulgi in 1st place with 27.1 seconds. 

Feel My Rhythm line and screen time distribution
Irene doesn’t have many lines but her solo screen time is 2nd in the group

The third place in screen time is Wendy, whose individual scenes take up 24.8 seconds. This is an upgrade in screen time for Wendy because in the MVs for “Queendom” and “Psycho”, she was given the least screen time in the group.

Feel My Rhythm line and screen time distribution
Wendy gets to show off her elegant visuals in “Feel My Rhythm” MV

The remaining two positions belong to Joy (21 seconds) and Yeri (19.6 seconds), respectively. For Yeri, this is quite unfortunate because her singing part is not that much, but she is still not “compensated” with screen time despite her pretty visuals that suit the concept perfectly. 

Feel My Rhythm line and screen time distribution
Yeri leaves a strong impression in the MV, but she still ranks last

However, in general, Red Velvet members’ singing and screen time in MV Feel My Rhythm is not significantly different. Except for Wendy and Seulgi with the most singing lines, the rest are only a few seconds apart. The members’ solo scenes are also relatively even, not making fans dissatisfied. It is important for the group to bring uniformity and harmony as well as join hands to create the success of the new song.

Red Velvet members’ screen time in Feel My Rhythm MV
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