(G)I-DLE impressed fans with all band live performances at their Seoul concert of “I am FREE-TY” world tour

The girl group (G)I-DLE completed the first Seoul show of their world tour “I am FREE-TY”.

On June 17th, (G)I-DLE announced the beginning of their world tour concert “2023 (G)I-DLE WORLD TOUR [I am FREE-TY]” with the Seoul show at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu.

“I am FREE-TY” concert started with spectacular fireworks. (G)I-DLE then sang four songs in a row, including “DUMDi DUMDi”, “LATATA”, “DOLLAR”, and “Don’t Stop”.

(G)I-DLE was amazed by the amount of fans filling the whole venue. Miyeon greeted the audience, saying “Today, we have to play freely. Just sing and dance as much as you want.”


(G)I-DLE members then expressed their thoughts on beginning a new world tour, saying, “June 17th this year also marked the start of our second world tour”, adding “The venue for this concert is bigger than the last time.”

Each member of (G)I-DLE showcased their charms through solo performances. Miyeon, who was the first to take the stage, heated up the atmosphere with her title track “Drive” from her first solo album “MY”. Next, Minnie’s performance of “Dahlia”, a song she participated in writing lyrics and composing, was accompanied by piano. Soyeon then mesmerized fans with the stage of “Psycho”, a track from her first solo album “Windy”. Shuhua also demonstrated her hidden dance skills through “Boys”, while Yuqi presented fans with the unreleased song “Could It Be”.

Dressed in all-black outfits, (G)I-DLE members once again changed the mood of the concert. Their performances of “Nxde”, which showcased their glamorous visuals, “Put It Straight”, which was added with dramatic directing, and “Lucid”, which doubled the experience with band sounds, received enthusiastic responses from fans. Miyeon smiled and said, “These three songs made me feel like performing at a festival”.


(G)I-DLE later returned to the stage once again with “i’M THE TREND”, then shared their thoughts after concluding the first show of their world tour. Miyeon confessed, “Since this is our second world tour, I thought I wouldn’t be nervous, but I was really nervous. Having Neverland ((G)I-DLE’s fandom) here gave me strength. We’ve been to music shows and festivals a lot and felt the energy from those experiences, but being with Neverland gives us much more strength. Thank you, I love you,” revealing her affection for the fans.

Minnie said, “Thank you so much for coming today. I still can’t believe it”, adding “I heard people raised expectations for our concert so we prepared hard for it. Today is just the beginning, and we still have one more show tomorrow. Let’s have more fun tomorrow”. Yuqi shared, “I think we are nothing without Neverland. Thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed seeing our new stages.”

The highlight of “I am FREE-TY” concert was the encore stage. (G)I-DLE prepared an encore stage with songs requested by the fans. They performed “Give Me Your”, “Where is love”, “LION”, and “Oh my god” as encore songs then concluded the first day of their Seoul concert with “Peter Pan”.

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE will perform the second day of their “I am FREE-TY” Seoul show on June 18th.

Source: Daum

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