Han Ye Seul replied to the comment about her style

A netizen made several points about Han Ye Seul’s fashion style.

On 24 April, Han Ye Seul posted a photo of herself on Instagram without any special mention.

In the photo, she was wearing a lovely white shirt dress with puff sleeves.

The hem of the costume was finished roughly, but netizens admired her appearance as well. In particular, the white skin contrasted with the long black hair and the sharp jawline are attractive.

However, a netizen made several points about her fashion style.

This netizen mentioned her stylist and said “Ye Seul’s coordinator really likes excessive clothes.” She added: “A neat and elegant clothes or Hanbok also goes well with her~”.

Then Han Ye Seul left a comment saying “It’s my clothes” and added an emoticon with twinkling eyes. Her comment was short but full of confidence.

The netizens responded after seeing Ye Seul’s reaction: “My sister Ye Seul fits well even if she wears a bag of rice”, “She has a different sense and is pretty”, “Yeseul-nim is pretty no matter what she wears”, and “If she wears it, it’s a luxury item even if it’s a piece of cloth”.

Source: Dispatch

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