Shin Se Kyung’s outstanding self-management, exercising right after eating bread 

Actress Shin Se Kyung shared various moments from her business trip in Paris and drew admiration. 

On December 1st, Shin Se Kyung shared a video titled “Business trip to Paris” on her official YouTube channel.

In the video, Shin Se Kyung can be seen arriving at her hotel after finishing her schedule, and claiming that she felt hungry. However, she couldn’t find a suitable restaurant, so she ordered from room service.

Shin Se-kyung

Back at the hotel, Shin Se Kyung lay down on her bed and said with a tired expression, “I need to unpack, but I’m so hungry that I want to eat. I’m so hungry.”

While waiting for room service, Shin Se Kyung soothed her hunger with a dessert prepared in advance. After a while, the steak she ordered from room service arrived.

Shin Se-kyung

Shin Se Kyung, who was surprised by the taste of the food, exclaimed, “Wow,” and even tied her hair tightly to eat. Then, the actress ended her meal by eating the bread prepared for dessert.

Not long after, she showed extraordinary self-management by working out until late, while the subtitle “I’m going to exercise after eating bread” appeared on the screen. 

Source: Nate 

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