NCT’s Lucas caught having a new activity on SNS amid hiatus

After returning to Instagram in February, Lucas recently had a move on Weibo. 

On May 30, Chinese netizens discovered that NCT’s Lucas had used his secondary account to like a post with a hashtag praising his visuals on Weibo. Back in February of this year, Lucas had his first post-scandal update by sharing a black and white photo of the sunrise on his Instagram with no caption. Since then, the male idol has continued to remain silent on SNS.  

Lucas’s signature recently appeared at a driver license academy in Korea under NCT’s Lucas, sparking suspicion that he might be making a comeback soon since he is still a member of NCT and staying in Korea. 

nct lucas

In August of last year, Lucas was caught up in a controversy over multiple alleged misdeeds including cheating, gaslighting his ex-girlfriends, mistreating fans, badmouthing his members and colleagues. After issuing an apology, Lucas halted all activities and went on a hiatus to reflect on his mistakes. While many fans of NCT/WayV have continued to ask Lucas to withdraw, SM Entertainment has yet to announce his future in the group. 

Chinese netizens left comments: 

  • So when will he leave the group? 
  • He still has fans? 
  • Liking a post praising his visuals is totally something he would do LOL. I bet he hasn’t reflected one bit. 
  • He’s still the same narcissistic guy.
  • I thought he was having a mental breakdown because of the hiatus? 

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