All WayV/NCT Lucas’s China schedules have been canceled

On the morning of September 10, Korean media reported that all of Lucas’s schedules in China had been canceled. Specifically, Lucas was previously scheduled to depart from Incheon International Airport to Shanghai International Airport on September 10. It’s not clear why the schedule was canceled but it is most likely related to the male idol’s love scandal that broke out last month.


Last month, a series of ex-lovers of Lucas accused him of gaslighting, cheating on ex-girlfriends, and bad-mouthing his group members. After that, SM confirmed the incident and apologized for its poor management. Lucas also personally posted a handwritten apology on SNS, saying that he will reflect on himself. The music video for his and Hendery’s ‘Jalapeño’ was also not released.


The scandal then became so serious that brands that had worked with Lucas like Gucci or Burberry also removed all content related to the male idol on SNS. Keep Running, the show that Lucas joined as an official member, also posted a new Facebook cover photo without him, implicitly confirming that the male idol is no longer a member of the show.

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