SECHSKIES Eun Ji Won under fire for violating social distancing regulations; YG issues an apology

YG Entertainment, Eun Ji Won’s management company, immediately verified the incident and issued an apology on behalf of the male singer.

Sechskies Eun Ji Won was recently caught breaking isolation regulations as he arranged a gathering of six individuals at an outdoor cafe on Jeju Island. In non-metropolitan areas, the regulation of social distance is now at level 3, which means private meetings of more than 5 individuals are banned.

eun ji won sechskies

Specifically, according to site reported on August 20, Eun Ji-won had a conversation with 5 other people at an outdoor cafe on Jeju Island on August 15. The six of them were said to have stayed at the cafe for about an hour before leaving.

eun ji won sechskies

In addition, a man who is believed to be his manager did not allow people to take pictures of him.

“They all came in one car,” the informant said. “The entire rooftop of the cafe is outdoors, so if the whole group ordered from the counter and carried the drinks up, people outside may not know if more than five people had gathered.”

The informant added, I can’t provide a clearer picture because someone who appears to be the manager didn’t let me take the picture. The people around me seemed to recognize him, so Eun Ji Won’s group then quickly left the cafe.”

In response to the report, Eun Ji Won’s agency YG Entertainment released the following statement:

“We have confirmed that Eun Ji Won recently visited Jeju Island.

We sincerely apologize for the trouble caused by this incident amid the efforts of the quarantine authorities and the sacrifice of many people to prevent the spread of the panademic.

Eun Ji Won is currently deeply reflecting on his carelessness, and we will also seriously recognize and reflect on the fact that our artist violated the social distancing rules.

In addition, we will do our best to ensure that not only the artists but also the executives and employees practice personal hygiene rules and social distancing more thoroughly.”

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