TXT Soobin talked about his hard time as a trainee at Big Hit and complained about the “strict age culture”

Soobin, the leader of idol group TXT, revealed the “strict age culture” among the trainees.

On Jun 24th, Soobin appeared as a guest in the first episode of YouTube’s web entertainment show “Although there is nothing much prepared” featuring rapper Lee Young-ji as the host.

Lee Young-ji and Soobin, who are also colleagues in the music industry, shared their stories while drinking makgeolli and chewing on snacks in line with the concept of a cart bar.

On this day, Soobin confessed that he wanted to have a long conversation with Lee Young-ji, so he wanted to plan a longer filming time for the program.

txt soobin

Lee Young-ji, who was impressed by Soobin’s words, said, “Then please drop the honorifics with me,” and said she wanted to become closer friends with him.

Then, Soobin hesitated to Lee Young-ji, who was two years younger than him, saying, “It’s really hard for me to speak informally.”

When Lee Young-ji asked why, Soobin said, “A lot of it is gone now, but there’s a thing called the “strict age culture” in the past, you know’?

txt soobin

He said that when he first joined his agency Big Hit Music as a trainee, the hierarchy among the trainees was very strict.

When he was a trainee, Soobin recalled that he had to be polite and used honorifics even if he was only one year younger than his senior.

lee young ji

However, Soobin, who became close to Lee Young-ji while drinking, gradually began to speak to Lee Young-ji with a mixture of honorifics and informal speech. Later, when he returned home after filming, he showed his friendly charm by speaking informally, “Young-ji, see you again next time.”

TXT Soobin

Meanwhile, Soobin also drew attention by confessing to the surprising fact that he has never screamed or got angry in his 23 years of life.

When Lee Young-ji asked Subin, “When was the time that you got the angriest in your life?” he thought very hard and gave the answer, “When my game machine was broken,” making everyone laugh.

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