Oh My Girl Mimi’s loyalty “Groups are different and individuals are also different”

Oh My Girl Mimi showed off her loyalty to the group.

Oh My Girl Mimi and Arin appeared as guests on KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Eun Ji’s Music Plaza” (hereinafter referred to as “Music Plaza”), which aired on August 4th.

Lee Eun Ji asked Arin, “It’s not in the script, but hasn’t it been more than 10 years since you knew Mimi? I wonder how you felt when watching ‘Earth Arcade’.”

Oh My Girl Mimi

Arin replied, “In the beginning, she was just the Mimi I know, but as episodes went by, I thought, ‘Is it my sis?’

When Lee Eun Ji said “Honestly, she’s just the way she is“, Mimi added, “It’s natural.” Arin caused laughter by saying, “I thought, ‘Is it okay to show herself to this extent?’

Other Oh My Girl members’ messages arrived one by one at “Music Plaza”. First of all, Seunghee said she was watching the visual radio broadcast in real time, adding, “I think they’ll get full of energy after meeting senior Eun Ji. Please translate Mimi’s language well and show a lot of love for Arin.”

Regarding Mimi’s language, Mimi explained, “Even members can’t translate my words when we meet for a long time.” Lee Eun Ji skillfully corrected “for a long time” to “after a long time”, making everyone laugh.

Oh My Girl Mimi

Subsequently, Yubin’s text message arrived. Yubin, who was listening on her way to a program recording, texted, “As expected, senior Eun Ji’s energy is the best, Thank you for supporting our members. Music Plaza, fighting! Oh My Girl, fighting!

Lee Eun Ji, who was once again touched by the friendship between the members, mentioned the position Mimi revealed about solo debut on Tak Jae Hoon’s YouTube channel. At that time, when asked why she does not promote as a solo artist, she replied, “Group activities come first before solo.”

Lee Eun Ji said, “I thought that mindset would be maintained for 9 years.” Mimi created warmth by sharing her thoughts, “Groups are different and individuals are also different.”

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