Kris Wu’s first birthday in jail, ex-girlfriend Du Meizhu’s Weibo update caught the attention

Perhaps Kris Wu will never be able to forget his ex-girlfriend Du Meizhu for the rest of his life, because she was the one who sent him to prison. 

Today (November 6) is Kris Wu‘s 31st birthday. Only a year ago, the former EXO member was still an A-list celebrity of China’s entertainment industry who received millions of congratulations from fans. However, after he got involved in a shocking scandal, Kris Wu is spending his birthday this year behind bars. And instead of birthday wishes, he receives a lot of criticism from the public.

As reported by BJH, the latest move on social media of Du Meizhu – Kris Wu’s ex-girlfriend and the influencer who ruined his career has caught much attention from netizens. Accordingly, at exactly 12AM CST on November 6, Du Meizhu unexpectedly posted a photo of herself with the caption: “When will it snow?”

Kris Wu Du Meidzu

Du Meizhu’s implicit caption created a stir on social media

On social media, netizens raise suspicion over this post of Du Meizhu. Notably, she uploaded the photo at exactly 12AM on November 6, right on Kris Wu’s birthday.  According to many comments by Chinese netizens, the timing shows that she still remembers her ex-boyfriend’s birthday. If they’re still dating, this is definitely a post meant to congratulate Kris Wu on his birthday. 

Besides, the caption: “When will it snow?” is said to be related to the previous statement of Kris Wu. When the sex scandal broke out, Kris Wu once shared on SNS: “There is no pure snowflake”. There are comments that this is a sarcastic message from Du Meizhu to her ex-boyfriend.

Kris Wu Du Meidzu
Kris Wu Du Meidzu

Kris Wu once had a statement: “There is no pure snowflake“. This makes Du Meizhu’s share attract even more attention

At the present time, after more than 2 months, the authorities have not made any statement about the crime of Kris Wu. The male singer is still under suspicion of rape and a series of allegations of sexual assault of minors, drug use,… Kris Wu’s career and image are officially ruined, and he will definitely have no way to return to showbiz. The male singer also has to face prison and pay the price for the crimes he has committed.

Kris Wu Du Meidzu
Kris Wu Du Meidzu

Du Meizhu became a phenomenon of showbiz when exposing the depraved life of Kris Wu, causing the male singer to lose his career and even go to jail.


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