BTS Jimin was voted by netizens as the K-POP idol with the most charming eye smile

Jimin (BTS) has been chosen as ‘K-pop idol with the best smiling eyes’.

On March 31, the results of the poll ‘Who is The Best Eye Smile Kpop Idol 2020?’, which was held on the global K-pop voting website ‘KPOP VOTE’, were announced. With 12,447 votes, Jimin excellently won first place.

Jimin is known for his charisma on stage, but off stage, Jimin possesses anti-war charisma with a lovely smile and a friendly personality.

With Jimin’s own eyes that are clean and big without double eyelids, Cosmopolitan Indonesia has dealt with in detail the ‘laughter that closes so that he can’t see the front.’ They said, ‘One of Jimin’s greatest charms is that when he smiles with childish eyes and face, he makes himself an idol whose appearance makes others unintentionally happy. Jimin’s eye smile is a blessing to us.’

In addition, Jimin took first place in a survey called “Who is an idol with a charming eye smile?” conducted on the idol chart.

Source: Naver

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