Ex-Wonder Girls Ahn So Hee “When I fought with Sunye, this happened”

Former Wonder Girls member-actress Ahn So Hee and SHINee Taemin recalled anecdotes about fighting with the members.

On August 6th, Ahn So Hee uploaded a video featuring SHINee Taemin through her YouTube channel.

Taemin said, “We debuted at a young age of 16. ‘The two debuted when they were really young’. I’ve heard too many things like this.” 

Ahn So hee

Regarding this, Ahn So Hee expressed her affection as a fan for Taemin and started the conversation warmly, “At that time, there weren’t many idols who debuted at that age. I guess it left a deep impression on the public. I’ve always supported you and liked you.”

First of all, to the question “Do the members listen to you when you give your opinion? Do they listen to the opinions of the youngest?“, Taemin replied, “It seems there was a time when we strongly pushed our opinions. We needed time to adjust to the 5th year. I was the only one who fought with all the members.”

Ahn So hee

Taemin confessed, “I have a bit of an irritable personality. Instead of getting a lot of attention… I mean, there are parts where I think I’m losing something because of being young. I was mean to members for no reason. After fighting, go to the rooftop and make up. Now I speak casually with the members. At first, I used polite language. We fought the most when using polite language.”

Ahn So hee

Ahn So Hee said, “I’m the youngest too. I was so grateful to the members as they accepted me well. We also had a fight. Sunye and I confronted each other in the room.”

She shared, “I fought standing up, and my leg really hurt. I feel defeated when I sit down. Standing and fighting, my legs hurt so much. I endured it all day.”

Source: Wikitree

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