It turned out that Park Ji-hoo also received the casting offer to play the ‘legendary villain’ Na-yeon in “All of Us Are Dead”

Actress Park Ji-hoo aroused the viewers’ curiosity by telling a behind story of “All of Us Are Dead”.

On February 8th, E-Today released the content of a video interview with actress Park Ji-hoo, who has recently become famous together with Netflix’s hit drama “All of Us Are Dead”.

In this drama, Park Ji-hoo plays Nam On-jo, who shows off extraordinary survival skills coping with the zombie outbreak. 

The actress drew attention as she revealed that before getting cast as On-jo, she also received an offer to play the villain Lee Na-yeon, which was later taken over by Lee Yoo-mi.

Lee Na-yeon in “All of Us Are Dead” is a selfish character who shows hysterical attitudes towards her friends when being put in extreme situations and even causes a friend to become a zombie.

Park Ji-hoo shared, “During the audition, I received scripts for both roles, Na-yeon and On-jo. After reading the scripts, the director asked me which character suited me the most, so I answered without hesitation that it was On-jo”.

She added, “I was not confident about playing Na-yeon. Later, I talked to the director about my personality, my previous works, and what I had known about zombies”.

Knowing Park Ji-hoo was offered to play Nam On-jo and Lee Na-yeon, which are two completely different characters, Internet users gave enthusiastic responses to this behind-the-scenes story about the drama’s casting. They commented, “This is so unexpected”, “I’m curious about Park Ji-hoo’s version of the role Lee Na-yeon”, etc.

Meanwhile, “All of Us Are Dead” ranked No.1 on Netflix a day after it was premiered on January 28th.

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