“Roppongi Class” Teruyuki Kagawa admits sexual harassment of a female club employee

Japanese actor Teruyuki Kagawa admitted to sexually harassing a club employee.

On August 24th, a Japanese media outlet reported that actor Teruyuki Kagawa committed sexual harassment by touching a female employee’s chest and kissing her at a club in Ginza, Japan in July 2019.

According to the media outlet, Teruyuki Kagawa acted disgracefully by putting his hand in the employee’s dress and forcibly touching her.

Roppongi Class

In this regard, Teruyuki Kagawa’s agency LOTUS ROOTS said on August 25th, “It is true that Teruyuki Kagawa’s inadequacy caused displeasure to the woman. He deeply reflected on what you pointed out. He expressed his feelings of reflection and apology to the other person, as well as received understanding and forgiveness.”

itaewon class japanese

Teruyuki Kagawa said through his agency, “Everything is my fault. I apologize for making the other person uncomfortable again with this report. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

Meanwhile, Teruyuki Kagawa is a veteran Japanese actor who appeared in the Japanese remake “Roppongi Class” of JTBC’s “Itaewon Class“.

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