Controversy erupted among BTS fans as V was accused of “ignoring” Jungkook’s birthday

BTS is known as a group with good teamwork, but sometimes, a few incidents between the members have caused controversies within the fandom.

Coming from a small business, BTS overcame K-pop stereotypes to attain domestic and worldwide success. The Big Hit’s boy group is at the peak of fame, which many people aspire to, but they must face a great deal of popularity pressure in exchange. The 7 boys’ seemingly innocuous small movements generated a stir. V has recently been embroiled in controversy for not sending Jungkook’s birthday wishes via SNS. 


On September 1, Jungkook officially turned 24. Fans from all around the world were thrilled to express their best wishes to the male idol, but V made an unusual move. Accordingly, he did not send birthday wishes to the “golden maknae” on SNS. Immediately V was strongly scolded as a result of the incident.

After that, V’s fans trended hashtags to protect the idol.  The keyword “WE love you, Taehyung” quickly reached Twitter’s top trending worldwide as an act of showing the fans’ support for V.

The incident sparked a firestorm of debate. Many people raised their voices to protect V. Fans claimed that the members of BTS are pretty close and it’s impossible to conclude that the members are in conflict or that V dislikes Jungkook solely based on this occurrence.


However, others believed that regardless of how close the members are, V should send a public birthday message to other group members to reassure fans. On the other hand, some netizens also recalled how BLACKPINK Rosé was also criticized for posting a story to celebrate Lisa’s birthday later than other members. These internet users wonder if people are too harsh on idols, criticizing them for ridiculous reasons all the time.

Some related comments:

  • There’s nothing to discuss about this.
  • Instead of prying into the private lives of celebrities, live your life well!
  • They don’t need to publicize everything about their lives on social media.  And fans have no right to force them to do that.
  • Rosé also received criticism for the same reason.  I wonder why idols always have to comply with such silly requests.
  • BTS is famous for good teamwork, but V doesn’t even celebrate his bandmate’s birthday.  Yesterday j-hope appeared on Jungkook’s vlive with a birthday cake.
  • He once said he did not like the Vkook couple.  I bet he doesn’t like Jungkook at all.

Amid the drama, netizens dug up the incident that V once reacted harshly when fans ”shipped” him to Jungkook. If you’ve been following BTS since their debut days, you will be familiar with a few OTPs created by ARMYs involving members of the band. One of the most popular would be the Taekook/VKook (V/Taehyung and Jungkook) ship.

Vkook is loved because the two male idols often have adorable interactions with each other.  However, V’s reaction towards a VKook fan made fans disappointed.

One day, the male idol took to the social media platform Weverse to ask for fans’ opinions on how to fall asleep easily. A flock of fans came out with a few suggestions for him. But apparently, one particular fan’s comment managed to catch his attention. That fan commented, “Me! Taehyung oppa, you can look at photos of Jungkook that you love the most!”. V then responded by writing, “You better come out of your imagination; it is not good to be there.”


After this story resurfaced, many netizens are now skeptical about V and Jungkook’s real relationship. Are two BTS members as close as fans thought, or is there something wrong between them?

The incident between V and Jungkook, up to now, is still the talk of the town. 

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