‘Star makes you excited to go to the ice rink together’ Sullyoon of NMIXX in 3rd place, Kang Daniel in 2nd place, and the 1st place is…

Jimin (BTS) proved his popularity by winning No. 1 on the list of ‘Star makes you excited to go to the ice rink together’.

From the 8th to the 14th, Exciting DC held ‘Which star makes you excited to go to the ice rink together?’ In the survey, Jimin took first place. He received 7854 votes out of a total of 8176 votes, and took first place with an overwhelming vote of 96.06%. 2nd place was Kang Daniel with 83 votes (1.02%), and 3rd place was Sullyoon of NMIXX with 81 votes (0.99%). 

NMIXX Sullyoon

As for Jimin’s charm, keyword ‘Lovely’ was ranked first with an approval rating of 75%. It was followed by ‘kindness’, ‘cute’, and ‘romantic’. Jimin’s representative images were ‘boyish’, ‘doll person’, ‘superb person’, ‘different level’, ‘magical person’, ‘arousing a lot of buzz’, and ‘genius’.

Kang Daniel

Jimin has been called an “all-round sportsman” for his natural athleticism and has been involved in various sports such as kendo, taekwondo, and soccer since childhood. In particular, he showed excellent roller skating skills in the behind-the-scenes video of “Dynamite,” which was broadcast on the popular NBC program “Jimmy Fallon Show” in 2021.

Meanwhile, Jimin’s collaboration song with Taeyang, ‘Vibe’, is enjoying global success, including music videos on YouTube World Wide and iTunes Top Songs Charts in 86 countries and regions .

Source: Wikitree

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