Rebellion of members who were overshadowed by Seo In Young, Hani and Hyeri

Even within the same idol group, there’s a stark difference in popularity between the center member and the others, highlighting the harsh reality of the entertainment industry

Regardless of the group’s size, you can usually recognize one face that stands out. For groups like Jewelry, EXID and Girl’s Day, it’s often the names of Seo In Young, Hani and Hyeri that come to mind first.

However, members like Yewon (Jewelry), Park Jung Hwa (EXID) and Yura (Girl’s Day) defied these conventions and found success on their own. They have risen as “acting idols” and are attracting attention in recent times. Their presence, once hidden behind the center position on stage, has now exploded as they showcase their talents as next-generation actors.

Jewelry Yewon, shedding the “cursing controversy” label and emerging as “Narco-Saints” scene-stealer

Yewon made her debut in the entertainment industry when she joined Jewelry in 2011. She filled the fourth-generation spot after members Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah left, but she remained in their shadow and didn’t leave a big impression as part of Jewelry. Furthermore, Yewon’s image took a hit in 2015 when a video of actress Lee Tae Im and her cursing each other was leaked. Various parodies and mocking videos emerged, and Yewon was mostly associated with the “cursing video” issue whenever she appeared on a program. This label haunted her for 7 years, but she finally proved her worth to the public.


In Netflix’s series “Narco-Saints” (directed by Yoon Jong Bin) last year, Yewon delivered a remarkable performance that turned the tables on the controversies she faced. Yewon managed to secure the role of the main character Jeon Yo Hwan (Hwang Jung Min)’s wife with a staggering competition rate of 500 to 1. Just as Yewon mentioned “Even my friends couldn’t recognize me”, she underwent a remarkable transformation with a 180-degree change in her acting style.

In reality, Yewon has been on the path of an actress for over ten years. With a solemn attitude that considers acting as a constant challenge and the driving force of life, she has built her filmography steadily. Starting with the sitcom “Standby” in 2012, she appeared in numerous works, including dramas like “Miss Korea”, “Hotel King”, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”, “Feel Good to Die”, “Class of Lies”, “She Knows Everything”, the musical “Nonsense 2” and the movie “Oh My Kiss” (directed by Jeon Bada). She doesn’t limit herself to specific genres or media and has grown significantly as an actress.

EXID Park Jung Hwa’s unexpected appearance as “Mask Girl” Areum

“Mask Girl” marks the rediscovery of Park Jung Hwa. Acting alongside trustworthy actors with impressive character transformations, such as Ahn Jae Hong, Yeom Hye Ran, Go Hyun Jung, Nana, Lee Han Byul, etc., Park Jung Hwa still successfully showcased her potential as an actress through her portrayal of Areum.

park jung hwa

As Areum, Park Jung Hwa captivates the audience by smoothly taking on the role of the character that stimulates Mo Mi’s emotions with her stable acting. Her intense performance in the plot twist and the 19+ scene, played a significant role in increasing viewers’ immersion at the beginning of the drama. Park Jung Hwa did not have many opportunities to show her individuality during EXID activities, but she is now shining even more by approaching viewers in a different way.

Park Jung Hwa, who dreamed of becoming an actress since she was nine years old and even attended an acting academy when she was 10, expressed her strong desire for acting while carrying out singing activities. Following “Mask Girl”, she is expected to show better performance and gain recognition in a new Channel A series.

Girl’s Day Yura’s screen leading role debut

Following Hyeri, Yura is also drawing attention with her diverse moves. She impressed viewers by having an intense confrontation with senior actress Song Hye Kyo in last year’s drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” as hot influencer Hyerin.


In addition, Yura recently expanded her acting area to the big screen. She is scheduled to make her movie debut with a leading role in “Marrying the Mafia”, which will premiere on September 21st. She will appear as Jang Jin Kyung, the youngest daughter of the legendary Jang Family who is arranged to marry Dae Seo (Yoon Hyun Min). Yura, who challenged acting with the sitcom “Reckless Family 3” in 2013, is about to take a leap forward by entering Chungmuro for the first time after acting for 10 years.

Prior to this, Yura met viewers through various dramas, such as “Be Arrogant”, “Radio Romane”, “Forecasting Love and Weather”, etc. She currently stars in JTBC’s series “Destined With You” as Yoon Na Yeon and excites viewers with a love triangle.

Source: Daum

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