Rapper D.Ark (High School Rapper 4) is suspected of underage drinking

Rapper D.Ark (real name Kim Woo Rim), who became famous after competing in “High School Rapper 4”, has been embroiled in an allegation of underage drinking.

On September 5, the photo of rapper D.Ark was posted by an Internet user then spread widely on various online communities, causing netizens to suspected the rapper of smoking.

The user who made the post wrote, “This picture was uploaded by D.Ark on his SNS”. People could easily notice that there were alcohol and some side dishes in the photo, and the background resembled a bar.

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Many Internet users expressed their disappointment because rapper D.Ark was born in 2004 and has just turned 18 this year. They also worried that the owner of the bar might be affected because D.Ark is still a minor.

According to Korea’s law, if people sell alcohol to minors, they might be sentenced to 2 years in prison, and 20 million won in fine for violating the Youth Protection Act. In addition, their businesses would also be suspended according to the law of the Food Sanitation Act and Enforcement Decree.

Currently, acknowledging the controversy, rapper D.Ark has deleted the photo.

Earlier in 2018, controversies once sparked when D.Ark’s ex-girlfriend accused him of forcing unwanted sex.

In response, the rapper uploaded an apology on his SNS, saying, “I had called and solved all the misunderstanding with her. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere apology once again. I want to bow for causing a stir about my personal life.”

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