Male idol who had a “brain freeze” when he thought fan gifted him net underwear 

He was embarrassed by a gift from his fan at a fan signing event. 

Recently, Yoon Ji Sung held a fan signing event. After the event, Yoon Ji Sung unboxed the presents given by his fans. In a recently released video showing him opening these gifts, the male idol was shocked to see a mysterious piece of clothes made of black mesh. It looked similar to the slips worn by women.

Yoon Ji-sung

Yoon Ji Sung was startled as if he was greatly embarrassed. He rolled up the item and hid it underneath. Fans burst into laughter at Yoon Ji Sung’s reaction because it seems like he had a brain freeze at that moment.

Yoon Ji-sung

It turned out that the present Yoon Ji Sung received was not a slip, but a mesh cape. When a fan informed him that it was a cape, Yoon Ji Sung was relieved. Yoon Ji Sung explained, “I thought it was a dress so I was surprised.” 

Meanwhile, Yoon Ji Sung released a new digital single titled ‘December 24th’ on December 5.

Source: Insight. 

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