Tzuyu was criticized for donating to South Korea but “neglected” China

Chinese netizens are angry that Tzuyu (Twice) helped Korea hut did nothing when her hometown was in trouble.

On February 29, Tzuyu donated 50 million won to Hope Bridge to help the Korean fight the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic in South Korea. This action of hers has received praise from the fans. However, Chinese netizens criticized Tzuyu that she only cared for Korea and did nothing to support her homeland when the epidemic broke out here. Tzuyu’s name appeared in the top 20 of Weibo hot search with bashing comments.

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Chinese netizens commented, “When the situation in China became serious, she didn’t donate, now she donates to Korea, she’s really good at ass-kissing. She won’t have a chance to work in China”, “She is Chinese but when her homeland is in trouble, she doesn’t spend a penny, now she is supporting Korea”, “If she didn’t donate to Korea, nobody would say anything. But she did nothing when her country needed help and then donated to another country”, “It seems like the money that Chinese fans spent to support and buy Tzuyu’s album is wasted. Just face the reality already”, “Twice and Tzuyu actually made a lot of money in China, but she disappeared at the hardest time” …

Tzuyu’s fans are trying to protect her, saying that the donation is her personal decision and should not be criticized. Tzuyu is living and working mainly in Korea so it is reasonable to show sympathy and support for this country.

This is not the first time Tzuyu has received criticism from Chinese netizens. In January 2016, after debuting for just 3 months, Tzuyu introduced herself as a Taiwanese and held the Taiwanese flag when she appeared on the TV program My Little Television. Many people accused her of benefiting from doing activities in China but openly support Taiwan’s independence. The incident was so serious that Tzuyu had to film a video to apologize.

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Tzuyu was born in 1999 in Taiwan and joined JYP in 2012. She became famous when she appeared on the survival show Sixteen and made her debut with Twice in 2015. Tzuyu caused a phenomenon with the mysterious and attractive visual and she was praised as a representative visual of the 3rd generation of Hallyu.

The Asian entertainment industry is heavily affected by the outbreak of Covid-19. Actors and artists must stop working and have to stay at home. Korean and Chinese celebrities have donated a lot of money and medical supplies to hospitals to help the doctors and the people affected by the disease. However, some of the netizens only criticized and compared the amount of money donated, therefore causing a lot of controversies. Recently, Jun Ji Hyun was criticized as “rich but stingy” for not donating money, then the actress revealed that she had donated $85,000.

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