“Reborn Rich” Song Joong Ki, succeed in conquering Soonyang as Jin Do Jun through legendary scenes

“Reborn Rich” Song Joong Ki succeeded in conquering Soonyang as Jin Do Jun through legendary scenes.

In JTBC’s “Reborn Rich Soonyang conquest”, which aired on Jan 1st, major events and famous scenes of the drama were depicted to soothe viewers’ regret.

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It started with Jin Do Jun (Song Joong Ki) informing Jin Yang Chul (played by Song Joong-ki) that he is the major shareholder of Miracle. Jin Yang Chul, who was waiting for the major shareholder of Miracle, was surprised to see Jin Do Jun. Jin Do Jun introduced himself, “I’m Jin Do Jun, the major shareholder of Miracle.” In response, Jin Yang Chul asked, “Is it you?” Jin Do Jun replied, “Yes. Grandpa. These are all decisions I made as the major shareholder of Miracle.” Hearing this, Jin Yang Chul got angry, “Why did you do this?” He then shouted, “Did you think I’d pass on Soonyang to you, who isn’t even my eldest grandson?” Jin Do Jun declared war, “No. Grandpa. I’m going to buy it. I plan to buy Soonyang. With my own money.

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Then there was a scene in which Jin Yang Chul broke the eldest son succession principle. Jin Yang Chul gave Jin Seong Jun (Kim Nam Hee) a notice of personnel appointment as a wedding gift. At the same time, Jin Yang Chul said, “From Monday, Jin Seong Jun will go to work at the Geochang logistics warehouse.” Jin Seong Jun suppressed his anger, and Jin Yang Chul made a shocking declaration, “As of today, there’s no longer an eldest son succession principle in our Soonyang. Buy shares with money or prove business management with your skills, do whatever you want.” Jin Young Ki (Yoon Je Moon) protested, “How can you do that?” On the contrary, the opportunity came to Jin Do Jun.

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The scene where Jin Do Jun swallowed Soonyang Department Store and Soonyang Securities was chosen as a famous scene. Caught in Jin Do Jun’s trap, Jin Hwa Young (Kim Shin Rok) kneeled down and begged Jin Yang Chul. She then blamed Jin Do Jun and asked for a loan of 140 billion won. Jin Yang Chul refused.

Eventually, Jin Hwa Young was on the verge of going to prison. Jin Do Jun put pressure on Jin Hwa Young. When Jin Hwa Young said she would not hand over her shares in Soonyang Department Store, Jin Do Jun conciliated, “You’ll rot in prison and your shares in Soonyang Department Store will be scraps of paper. I’ll let you live as Jin Hwa Young, Soonyang’s daughter.” Jin Hwa Young asked, “Why me?” Jin Do Jun replied, “You shouldn’t bring the neighbor’s dog into your house just because it’s pretty. You’re the only one who will suffer if you get bitten.

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It was followed by the famous scene of “Sun Yang, The Prince’s Rebellion.” Jin Yang Chul was moving in a car with Jin Do Joon when he said, “Do you want to try taking over once, Do Joon? Wow, you don’t want to? If you want the Incheon repair shop, you’ll have to have a press conference first. Next week, there will also be a meeting with the board of directors. Show your face and get to work. You can get it and prepare for the shareholders’ meeting on your own, right?” In response, Jin Do Joon asked, “Are you really going to give it to me?” and Jin Yang Chul said, “Do you think your greedy-for-money grandpa is scared? Think I’m doing things easy just because you are my blood?” You are just like me, so I’m going to give Sunyang Financial Group to you.” At that moment, the car in which two people were riding got into an accident.

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After the accident, Jin Yang Chul showed signs that he was mentally affected, and Jin Do Joon was on the verge of not becoming the president at the board of directors meeting of the Sun Yang Financial Holding Company. At that time, Jin Yang Chul suddenly appeared in front of the BOD as if proving that he was healthy and announced that he recommended Jin Do Joon for the needed position. In the end, all the board members agreed, and Jin Do Joon was appointed as the president of the Sun Yang Financial Holding Company.

However, in the will left by Jin Yang Chul, he said Jin Do Joon would be given no part of the inheritance. Hearing this news, Oh Se Hyun (played by Park Hyuk Kwon) said, “The will. You said grandfather revealed it when he was alive. Have you ever raised any objection? Are you saying it’s a family problem? This is between you and me, Rachel Business here. Are you going to miss 2.6 trillion won?” he questioned. In response, Jin Do Joon said, “What the hell is this? I can’t even imagine what that nasty old man really thinks. I really don’t know. Why did he say that he would pass Sun Yang to me? Why did he change the will? How should I understand this situation? Grandpa, who the hell was I to you? If I can, I am the one who wants to follow you to the end of hell and hear the answer, not CEO Oh,” he said in anger.

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Since then, Lee Hang Jae (played by Jung Hee Tae), who chose Jin Do Joon, sent a USB containing a video of Jin Yang Chul’s last will. In the video, Jin Yang Chul said, “It’s all because of Do Joon. I hate him, so I revise my will. How do I know if he was doing that just to save Sun Yang Auto? Or because he felt sorry for his dying? I’m not gonna leave any penny for him. I’m going to make him leave this house white-handed. Making him do anything just to survive. I know, he’s the one to buy Sun Yang even if he has to sell me. If he steps on me, there’s nothing he can’t do from now on. That’s the only way to protect Sun Yang,” he said. When asked, “Do you have anything to say to Do Joon?” Jin Yang-chul said, “Do Joon. He is my grandson. The grandson who resembles me the most,” he said affectionately. In response, Jin Do Joon realized Jin Yang Chul’s sincerity and cried.

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The last famous scene was at the scene of Jin Yang Chul’s will being announced as Jin Do Joon receives a legacy from the “Micro Project” slush fund book. Jin Do Joon inherited Jin Yang Chul’s $600 million slush fund. Since then, Jin Dong Ki’s Sun Yang Card has been caught up in the card crisis. Jin Young Ki then came across the fact that Jin Do Joon has a 2% stake in C&T.

Jin Young Ki offered to buy his stake in C&T, but Jin Do Joon said, “I can’t give up my stake in C&T. It’s the money I chose instead of giving up on Sun Yang. You have to do the math properly,” he refused Jin Young Ki’s offered price. In the end, Jin Young Ki paid 1.6 trillion won to purchase his 2% stake in Sunyang C&T.

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But it was also a trap. Jin Do Joon took over after all of Sun Yang Card’s debt has been paid off. He then went to Jin Young Ki and confessed, “Uncle. I’m the one who took over Sun Yang Card, the one who immediately repaid the credit card company’s debt, and the one who blocked it.” In response, Jin Young Ki was furious as he said, “You planned this from the beginning. You doubled the business between me and Jin Dong Ki. You did it twice.” Jin Do Joon said as the winner, “Yes. I need some money. I was taking over the stake in Sunyang C&T under the borrowed name. I’m the biggest shareholder of Sunyang C&T.

After conquering the Sun Yang family like that, Jin Do Joon visited Jin Yang Chul and said, “I kept my promise. Grandpa. I’m curious, Grandpa. Have I succeeded in getting my revenge? Or am I now your grandson? What’s clear is that I miss you at this moment.

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“Reborn Rich,” which ended as a hot topic and viral drama, is a fantasy drama in which the secretary who manages the owner risk of a rich family returns to life as the youngest son of that rich family and gets his revenge.

Source: Daum

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