Taeyeon receives ‘supercar’ gift from fans, “It looks nice but there are no brakes”

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon showed off a special gift sent by fans.

On August 29th, Taeyeon’s official YouTube channel uploaded a new video titled “Taiwan is very moist right now! TAEYEON CONCERT in TAIPEI”.

Arriving in Taiwan for her concert, Taeyeon shared, “I’ll go straight to rehearsal once my bags arrive. I love it here, it’s got such a nice atmosphere. Taiwan is very moist right now. It’s got a very nice vibe”, expressing her excitement.


After the rehearsal, Taeyeon returned to the waiting room. She said, “I’ve almost always come here with the Girls’ Generation members. But they aren’t here. It was always so noisy here”.

Later, Taeyeon confessed, “Guys, I finally got a car. I’ll reveal it. It looks nice, right? It’s a car I can ride in Taiwan. Thank you”. The car she received from fans turns out to be a baby car.


Taeyeon got in the car and drove it around the waiting room herself. She exclaimed, “The important thing is that there are no brakes”, then burst into laughter. She then expressed her gratitude towards fans for all the gifts

Meanwhile, Taeyeon has completed a total of 12 concerts through 8 stops, starting from Seoul in June, then Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.

Source: Naver

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