The shocking details about the incident of an actress in her 40s being attacked by her husband

It was revealed that actress B in her 40s attacked by her husband reported to the police up to 3 times before the incident.

On June 15th, JoongAng Ilbo reported that actress B, who was attacked by her husband with a weapon, had reported to the police three times before the incident happened.

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According to the media outlet, B reported for the first time at 11:43 p.m on June 13th, a day before the incident. B called 112 and said, “I suffered domestic violence”. When the police dispatched to the scene came, she asked them to only take measures to evict her husband A because he did not directly abuse her physically. The police then ordered A to stay away from their house.


However, A reportedly approached their house early on June 14th and attempted to open the front door. The police, who were dispatched to the house again after B’s second report, did not find A so they left after confirming that there was no direct damage.

After the police left, A called B and threatened her that he would attempt suicide. Eventually, B called the police and reported again. 


A hurt himself by stabbing his leg with a weapon. He was later taken to the hospital with the help of the police who received the report from a citizen who witnessed A on the street. This was after A committed the crime.

The incident was reported on June 14th. At that time, it was reported that a man in his 30s was arrested by the police after trying to murder his wife B, an actress in her 40s, with a weapon.

A was accused of stabbing his wife several times in front of their house in Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul at around 8:40 a.m on the same day. A tried to attempt suicide after committing the crime but failed. It is known that the injury was not life-threatening and he is still able to communicate. 

Husband murdered actress wife

B was injured in her neck and taken to a nearby hospital. It was reported that the injury did not affect B’s life. The police are investigating the details of the crime.

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