BTS J-Hope and TWICE Nayeon may be dating, netizens claimed 

After BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie, BTS J-Hope and TWICE Nayeon are next to be embroiled in dating rumors. 

As top Kpop groups in the industries, the love life of BTS and TWICE members never fail to draw huge attention. Recently, netizens are pointing out certain clues of a possible romantic relationship between BTS J-Hope and TWICE Nayeon. 

nayeon j-hope
BTS J-Hope and TWICE Nayeon may be Kpop’s next power couple.

In particular, recent Instagram photos of J-Hope and Nayeon were taken in the same French restaurant, leading to suspicions. Moreover, netizens claimed that the angles of J-Hope and Nayeon’s photos make the two seem like they are sitting opposite to each other, and both idols ordered the same dishes. 

nayeon j-hope
BTS J-Hope and TWICE Nayeon took photos at the same French restaurant. 
A photo posted by Nayeon. 
J-Hope’s photo looked like he’s sitting opposite to the female idol. 
The two also ordered the same dishes. 
nayeon j-hope
Another similar order between J-Hope and Nayeon. 
nayeon j-hope
Their check-in times also seemed to be the same. 

As of the moment, HYBE and JYP Entertainment, which areagencies of J-Hope and Nayeon, remained silent at this new dating gossip. In addition, many fans are defending their idol, saying that the two might have dined on different days, and the dishes they ordered are probably signature at the restaurant. 

nayeon j-hope
As of the moment, there have been no official statements from both sides. 

Previously, another BTS member V was also rumored to be dating BLACKPINK Jennie due to a photo said to be the two idols in Jeju. However, many fans proposed that the photo was edited from a footage of V and J-Hope in the BTS show “In The Soop”, and even suspected that HYBE was kicking up the rumor to bury the school violence scandal of LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam. 

jennie bts v
The photo that kicked up BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie’s dating rumors. 
jennie bts v
Fans have been saying it was edited from this scene of V and J-Hope. 
BTS V Jennie
There’s still no comment from both YG and HYBE. 
Kim Ga Ram
Leading to assumptions that the dating issue was a media play on HYBE’s behalf, to cover up the controversies surrounding LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam. 

As dating is still considered to be serious among Kpop fans, people have been demanding for agencies to issue official confirmation or denial. However, at both the dating rumors, they only received a staggering silence. 

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