As his ex Jennie is in the hottest dating rumor, to make matters worse, G-Dragon is caught illegally streaming

While BIGBANG G-Dragon (34, Kwon Ji-yong) is drawing attention with his birthday celebration post, many suspected that he may have used an illegal streaming site.

G-Dragon posted on his Instagram story on August 25th, “Happy birthday, my friend Kwanghee. The Infinite Company of memory,” along with a short video.

The released video showed G-Dragon appearing in MBC’s Infinite Challenge’s “Infinite Company 2016 Special” six years ago. When Hwang Kwang-hee saw G-Dragon and said, “I was surprised when you said that you would appear,” G-Dragon joked, “I was surprised that you are still in ‘Infinite Challenge’.”


However, some raised suspicions that the source of the video uploaded by G-Dragon was an illegal streaming site. The video posted by G-Dragon contained subtitles in Indonesian and the source watermark believed to be from illegal streaming sites.

Netizens who saw this responded, “He just used a gif, he wouldn’t have used an illegal streaming site, right?” “It’s hard to see that as illegal these days,” “It’s all on YouTube, why would he use an illegal streaming site?” “Who would watch ‘Infinite Challenge’ with Indonesian subtitles?”


G-Dragon was embroiled in a dating rumor with ‘BLACKPINK’ Jennie in the past. However, as Jennie’s photos with BTS V have recently been uploaded, some speculate that she may have had a transfer break up (which means having someone new soon after breaking up). The agencies of both sides have not made any particular position on these allegations.

Source: wikitree

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