“Deliver Us from Evil”, starring Lee Jung-jae as a cruel killer, to be made into a spin-off drama called “Ray”

Successfully attracting 4.35 million viewers during the pandemic period, the movie “Deliver Us from Evil” will have a spin-off series.

On August 26th, “Deliver Us from Evil” production company Hive Media Corp and “Hunt” production company Artist Studio announced that they had decided to turn “Deliver Us from Evil” into a spin-off series called “Ray (working title)” and release it on a global OTT platform.

Deliver Us from Evil

The drama “Ray” is inspired by the character Ray (Lee Jung-jae), a Korean-Japanese killer who chases after Kim In-nam (Hwang Jung-min) in the movie “Deliver Us from Evil”.

At the time of the movie release, Ray gained huge love from the audience as a mysterious villain whose identity, including his past and job, was unknown.

Deliver Us from Evil

“Ray” is expected to include different stories, from the birth of the most brutal but attractive killer Ray and his battles with various villains around the world who become his targets.

The production companies plan to build more villains that are as charming as Ray and create new series about those in that “Villain Universe”.

Deliver Us from Evil

Actor Lee Jung-jae will also appear in the spin-off work as the main character.

Deliver Us from Evil

Lee Jung-jae, who recently made his debut as a director through the movie “Hunt”, will also participate in the production of “Ray”. The production team is reportedly discussing the director for the work.

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