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Mnet criticized by viewers for the way they edited Lee Young Ji on “Show Me The Money 11” 

Mnet seems to be using Lee Young Ji to draw attention to “Show Me The Money 11”. 

In Mnet’s hip hop survival show “Show Me the Money 11” 2nd preliminary round “60 Seconds Team Rapper Casting” broadcast on October 28th, rapper and entertainer Lee Young Ji appeared at the end of the episode. Everyone was interested in the appearance of “High School Rapper” winner Lee Young Ji. 

Lee Young-ji Show Me the Money

Jay Park said, “She has a lot to lose, so I wonder why she came out on ‘Show Me the Money’.” In response, Lee Young Ji said, “I don’t think there is anything I can do about this,” and immediately went on stage.

lee young ji show me the money 11

Lee Young Ji then said, “Give me a beat,” but her performance was moved to the next episode, making viewers flustered. After both the first and second episodes of “Show Me The Money 11”, viewers have been complaining about Mnet’s editing style, which seems to be using Lee Young Ji as a bait. 

Viewers left comments, “The Young Ji bait is crazy”, “Shouldn’t they show us Young Ji’s stage? I waited until 1 am”, “The PDs seem to know that without Lee Young Ji, this season is screwed”, “I watched it for 2 hours for what”, “There is no one I’m looking forward to this season other than Young Ji”, “Mnet pulled an Mnet”, etc.

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