“Snowdrop” releases still cuts for episode 3: Youngro (Jisoo) gets slapped by her stepmother (Kim Jung-nan)

The still cuts that show Kim Jung-nan hitting Jisoo on her cheek have just been unveiled.

In the 3rd episode of JTBC’s “Snowdrop”, Youngro (Jisoo) goes home and faces her stepmother Hong Ae-ra (Kim Jung-nan).

In order to find and take some clothes for Suho (Jung Hae-in), Youngro returns home after 10 years. While secretly bringing the clothes away with her, she meets her stepmother Hong Ae-ra, who remarried Youngro’s father Eun Chang-soo (Heo Joon-ho). The two have not been in touch with each other due to some unfavorable emotions related to Youngro’s birth mother, who has already passed away.

After quarreling, Jisoo throws the frame of their family photo on the floor. Hong Ae-ra gets angry s,o she slaps Youngro.


It is said that actors Jisoo and Kim Jung-nan perfectly portrayed the intense atmosphere between a daughter and her stepmother, who have had bad feelings for each other for a long time. The family background of Youngro was revealed in episodes 1 and 2 of “Snowdrop”. Therefore, the viewers are paying attention to the role of Youngro’s family to more developments of Youngro in the future.

In the 3rd episode of “Snowdrop”, which will be broadcast on December 24th (Friday), Youngro will look for a way to get Suho out of the dormitory while avoiding the eyes of Pi Seung-hee (Yoon Se-ah) and agents of the National Security Planning Agency.

Snowdrop” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 P.M

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