Rain’s inner feelings toward his wife, Kim Tae-hee, can be described as “this expression”

Singer and actor Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) expressed his deep feelings for his wife Kim Tae-hee. 

Rain expressed his feelings about tvN’s drama “Ghost Doctor,” which ended on the same day, in an online interview on Feb 22nd. He played the role of Cha Young-min, a thoracic surgeon here. 


Rain said, “I had a lot of trouble digesting this character. I thought I shouldn’t be too serious because I played the role of a doctor who stands between life and death. I wanted to make a light and fun drama, but I feel happy because I think I did it,” he said.

He is said to have consulted a lot with incumbent thoracic surgeons for his role. “I wrote down the contents of the conversation during their work and imagined, ‘What if it was me?’” said Rain.


His love for his family also contributed to this passion. Rain said, “I actually rarely read comments. If the drama is fun, it’s fun. My wife and daughters said they watched my drama whenever they had time.”

Rain said, “Kim Tae-hee cheered for the drama’s filming and gave me advice. I don’t listen to anything in vain because she’s someone I admire so much. I always appreciate her support or advice. I also apply it into my acting,” he said.

Kim Tae-hee

On the contrary, when Kim Tae-hee shoots any acting work, Rain doesn’t say much. Rain said, “When we’re at home, we don’t talk much about work. We don’t ask each other specifically about the work. Each of us has our own agencies, so I don’t even say big opinions.” He added, “I still monitor her works.” 

Kim Tae-hee

When asked what regrets he would have if he had the chance to look back on himself as a soul like the drama, he said, “There are many. As an actor named Jeong Ji-hoon, a son, a family member, I still have great regrets. So I try to be good to the people around me. I regret that I should have been closer with my fans,” he confessed.  

Kim Tae-hee

Rain said he wanted to try living a life as a woman, adding, “I want to try working as a woman. Also, I want to feel small happiness while attending university. I want to experience other jobs such as cooks and athletes,” he said. He confessed that he wanted to live the life of singer Lee Hyo-ri, if he could become a woman.

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