Past interview remarks of Ryu Jun-yeol, who is suspected of real estate speculation, are being re-examined by netizens, “He deceived us”

While actor Ryu Jun-yeol is involved in allegations of real estate speculation, his past interview content is being re-examined.

According to Dispatch’s report on February 24th, Ryu Jun-yeol purchased a land (83 pyeong) in Yeoksam-dong for 5.8 billion won in 2020 under the name of a private company “Deep Briding”. At that time, he received a loan of 5.2 billion won, which is 90% of the land’s price, from the bank.

Ryu Jun-yeol demolished the single-story building on the purchased land and constructed a new 7-story building with two basement floors. In the process, he received an additional loan of about 1.7 billion won, which is 70% of the construction cost. After the building was completed, he sold it for 15 billion won in January this year. In other words, he gained a profit of twice the amount he purchased the land. The profit is estimated to be 6 billion won before tax and 4 billion won after tax.

Ryu Jun-yeol suspected of real estate speculation

In this situation, Ryu Jun-yeol’s past interview remarks are being re-examined. At that time, Ryu Jun-yeol answered an interview question from a media outlet, saying that he was not interested in money management and financial technology at all. He even said, “I heard that the No.1 dream of elementary students these days was becoming building owners. I was really shocked”, adding, “It seems to be a wound to children when they are made to think like that. From an adult’s point of view, I don’t think we should hurt them like that”. However, one year before the interview, Ryu Jun-yeol had already established a private company and was in the process of becoming a building owner.

In response, netizens commented, “You shouldn’t have said that in the interview”, “Why did you lie?”, “It must be hard to become a building owner. You even constructed a new building”, “You said you didn’t want to hurt the kids but you lied”, “Now I can’t believe what celebrities say anymore”, etc.

Ryu Jun-yeol suspected of real estate speculation
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