How aespa Karina’s uncle promoted her debut gained netizens’ attention  

When aespa made a debut, Karina’s uncle posted about it on online communities. 

On April 2, on Theqoo, under the post “How aespa Karina’s uncle promoted his niece”, a user shared a screenshot of a post assumed to be written by Karina’s uncle on an online community for fishing lovers, drawing much attention from Korean netizens. 

aespa Karina

In his post titled “My niece debuted”, Karina‘s uncle wrote, “She made her debut as an idol today through Magic Bank. AESPA. Stage name is KARINA”, and attached two photos of aespa’s “Black Mamba” debut stage on KBS’s Music Bank in November 2020 that he took with his phone. It was also revealed that Karina’s uncle posted about her debut on all the fishing online communities that he joined. 

aespa Karina

Netizens on Theqoo find how he promoted his niece adorable and wholesome, leaving comments such as, “It’s cute that he wrote Magic Bank instead of Music Bank,” “I would brag about Karina too if I were her uncle,” “He posted on all the online communities for fishing enthusiasts about his niece’s debut, so cute,” and “He’s really cute.”

Karina is the leader of SM’s latest girl group aespa, which debuted in 2020. Karina has been famous ever since she was introduced thanks to her unrealistically stunning visuals. She is said to look even more beautiful than CG. 

Karina is recognized not only for her visuals but also as a vocalist. She is often given the intro parts of aespa’s title tracks and leaves a strong impression as her voice perfectly determines the atmosphere of each song. 


aespa is one of the most outstanding 4th generation girl groups. They hit 100 million views for “Black Mamba” MV in 278 days after its release, the shortest period of time for all ​​K-pop groups’ debut MVs. aepsa also ranked first in the number of views within 24 hours for a K-pop debut MV, topped girl group brand reputation rankings in June and July 2021, and became the first girl group to have a song ranked No.1 on Melon after chart reform. 

aespa won Daesang Stage of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Hot Trend at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards held on December 2 last year, followed by Record of the Year, Best New Artist, TOP10 of the Year, and Best Group (Female) at the Melon Music Awards 2021 (MMA 2021) on December 4. 

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