The worst idol-turned actor recently suddenly received the Idol Actor Award, what happened?

The male idol, who is disappointing the public with his acting skills in Tomorrow, was unexpectedly honored at a film award.

Rowoon is currently receiving attention when taking on the male lead role in the drama “Tomorrow”. Unfortunately, he received negative attention as his acting was judged to be bad, and his character was poorly constructed. As an idol-turned actor, in reality, Rowoon has never been appreciated and his skills are only average. Unfortunately, in Tomorrow, Rowoon has to act with seasoned actors and that shows his weak skills.

However, recently, Rowoon was honored at the Brand Customer Loyalty Awards 2022, in the category for idol-turned actors called the Idol Actor Award. In the same category, on the actress side, the honoree was Kim Se Jeong for her role in A Business Proposal.

Rowoon won but didn’t show up to receive the award

Audiences have mixed opinions about this award. Many people think that Rowoon has made a lot of efforts in the role of an actor during the past year. On the other hand, many people sarcastically say that his acting is not good enough even though this is only a small award.

Rowoon in The King’s Affection

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