BLACKPINK once again showed their fangirling for Taeyang-sunbaenim in a special way

BLACKPINK is like true fangirls of Taeyang as they support the collaboration of seniors with Jimin (BTS).

Although Taeyang (BIGBANG) and BLACKPINK rarely interact publicly on social networks, they have a close relationship. Recently, the collaboration between Taeyang and Jimin (BTS) caused a stir in the music industry. Many artists performed the dance challenge of the song VIBE to show their support for Taeyang and Jimin.

In BLACKPINK’s recent Born Pink concert in Arabia, Jennie and Lisa danced to Taeyang’s VIBE while interacting with fans. Although only performed a few outstanding dance moves, it can be seen that despite their busy schedules, Jennie and Lisa did not forget to show their support for Taeyang’s new product. BLACKPINK always has a subtle way to support YG artists.

Previously, on the day Taeyang released VIBE, all 4 BLACKPINK girls posted on SNS to congratulate their seniors. Fans hope that BLACKPINK and Taeyang will soon do the VIBE challenge together.

Source: K14

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